Health Data & Biometrics Make for Healthy Marketing


In today’s world, data is power, and that doesn’t stop when it comes to consumer health. In concert with the rise in popularity of health-based applications and smart devices, brands are finding ways to use that data to hyper-personalize experiences.


For example, Clorox recently partnered with Kinsa, a tech start-up that makes smart thermometers. The device allows users to monitor their symptoms from an app, which makes them especially useful for parents with young children. Clorox uses that data to determine where large groups of people are suffering from flu-like symptoms. The company is then able to direct its digital advertising towards zip codes where the flu is prevalent.


On the flip side, companies like L’Oréal are producing smart devices themselves. The beauty product giant began selling a button-sized sensor in late 2018, allowing users to track their exposure to skin-damaging UV radiation. Integrated with Apple’s HealthKit, expect the cosmetic company to offer personalized product recommendations based off that data in the near future.


Understanding your consumers’ health and wellness needs will allow you to provide them with utility in the form of a product or service. It’s already been proven that individuals are open to this privacy tradeoff, if they receive an added benefit in return.


Marketers looking to enter into this space should first identify the health-related behavioral triggers that correspond with their brand. Then, determine the best way to track those triggers and ultimately provide a solution that adds value to their consumers’ daily life. Simple ways of integrating yourselves into users’ routines will provide immense value down the road.

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