Get Ready to Rely on Your AI Assistant


Artificially intelligent assistants began as somewhat of a novelty a few years back and have since gained utility through numerous use cases. In 2019, we’ll see this trend continue as we continue to offload more and more of our daily tasks onto the likes of Alexa, Assistant and Siri. We also expect Google and Amazon to continue pushing the boundary on where their voice services live.


Amazon introduced us to Skill Connections in 2018, and it’s an area that we expect large growth in the next year. Essentially, it allows developers to link skills together, providing an easy way to fulfill multiple intents within a single skill. While most skills today are narrowly focused, skill connections allow developers to easily expand their offerings to account for multiple aspects of the consumer journey.


Apple also debuted Siri Shortcuts in 2018, paving the way for a third-party ecosystem of Siri applications. Simply put, these shortcuts allow users to combine multiple tasks and launch them with a direct voice command. For example, saying “Hey Siri, I’m heading to work,” could return the current weather, directions & timing, as well as a synced-up travel playlist.


The tech is quickly making its way into social platforms as well. In late September, Snap and Amazon agreed to a partnership, allowing Snapchat users to take a photo of a product or barcode to seamlessly load the Amazon product page. The ability to go from discover to purchase that quickly, is what makes this tech so appealing to retailers.


We’ve talked a lot about how marketers need to be thinking about how they can start advertising to systems, along with individuals, and 2019 will bring a few new direct ways to make it happen.


Due to skill connections, brands can begin thinking of their Alexa skills as part of a user’s “job-to-be-done”, instead of as one-off applications. Due to the fact that consumer discovery is not as important for these types of applications, marketers will be able to think of them as simply part of a service to other skills.


Additionally, brands must be thinking of ways to offer Siri shortcuts within their iOS apps to take advantage of this voice-based assistant’s growing usefulness.

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