AI Redefines the Retail Experience


Amazon GO is to retail what Pokémon GO was to augmented reality. While not everyone has the means to experience it like they did Pokémon, the bar has been set and the hype is real. Frictionless retail experiences, aided with the help of persistent AI, are on the cusp of going mainstream and will change the way we view the physical shopping experience.


While frictionless payments are the window dressing, there are additional ways that AI, within a retail setting, will help to improve the experience. Interactive shelving, equipped with visual recognition, can and will hyper personalize an individual’s experience at shelf, making it possible to show contextual messaging based on what product has been picked up or handled.


We also see this technology being used to enable sales staff to better assist customers. On an opt-in basis, some Melissa Shoes locations allow customers to be recognized at the store by simply texting or sharing a selfie of themselves. Once that individual walks into the store, sales staff receives up-to-date information on them, allowing the conversation to begin by greeting the customer by name.


Updates in technology are quickly paving the way for the next generation of retail experiences. Consumers will come to expect frictionless checkout, contextual messaging and personalized customer service. Those that don’t attempt to keep up with this trend, will find that their in-store experience will soon feel archaic to the modern consumer.


While providing a top of the line consumer experience is incredibly important, brands and marketers will find the data collected from these initiatives to be even more so. Understanding a user’s purchase habits and tendencies within retail will allow for prolonged communication and open up additional areas of growth.

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