Time to Cut the Cord on Traditional Advertising


Over the past few years, we’ve added the term ‘cutting the cord’ to our daily vernacular. Simply put, it means consumers are quickly moving away from cable or satellite TV services. Currently almost three-quarters of the US population pays for such services. It’s expected that by 2022, that number will drop to less than two-thirds.  

Conversely, the number of digital video viewers is expected to rise to 250 million in the same time period. This behavior opens the door for advertisers to get more precise with their messaging through enhanced programmatic offerings and for marketers to interact with their audiences in ways that traditional TV did not allow.  

Live sports is an area of massive growth potential in this space. Amazon began streaming Thursday Night Football games this year through Prime Video as well as co-streamed through Twitch. During these streams, viewers were able to take advantage of Amazon’s ‘X-Ray’ feature to get in-depth stats, game history, and even shop for related gear, without moving their eyes away from the screen.


Traditional TV is slowly dying and has been for some time. Newer digital offerings not only have the benefit of more eyeballs, but allow for contextual interactivity and empowerment. Marketers that are looking to take advantage of this trend should look to partner with related platforms or entertainment publishers.  

Additionally, it’s important to include programmatic TV advertising as part of your media planning. Reaching consumers at the right place, right time and right device shouldn’t stop after the phone, tablet and desktop.

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