Create for Co-Creation: Put Viewers in the Driver’s Seat


Digital video – whether on social platforms, branded websites or streaming services, is increasingly becoming more interactive rather than passive. From choose your own adventure storylines to contextual hotspots, brands and platforms alike are quickly realizing the value of increased engagement that interactive content brings to them.  

Platforms like Facebook Watch and Netflix are including choose your own adventure storylines to further engage users in the entertainment journey. The popular Netflix series, Black Mirror, will feature an upcoming episode allowing active viewers to have a say in how their journey plays out.  

More so, when it comes to commerce, interactive content generates two times more conversions than passive content while also generating reusable value, resulting in repeat visitors and multiple exposures.


Brands looking to reach a younger, more digital savvy audience should look to interactive video as a way to effectively engage that demographic during their path to purchase. On average, Gen Z consumes upwards of two and a half hours a day with on demand content. There’s almost an inherent expectation, or need, to control their entertainment experience.  

On the commerce side, clickable hotspots allow publishers and brands to augment their content with additional information as well as create a seamless path to purchase. Brands only have a matter of seconds to engage their audience before they move on. It’s incredibly important to allow your viewers to experience and buy your products as they’re currently engaged.

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