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Portrait mode, beloved by selfie-taking teens and animal-obsessed adults alike, is the fruits of wonderfully powerful hardware and software aboard flagship phones. Using a mix of dual cameras and AI algorithms, we’re able to capture images that enhance the view of the subject while slightly blurring the background. This capability has boosted the Instagram profiles for many but it doesn’t just stop there.


Facebook recently rolled out the ability for users (and businesses) to upload 3D images onto the platform. By using the portrait mode feature, users can upload images that are able to be scrolled, panned and tilted to give off a 3D effect. Wayfair was one of the first brands to explore this space, showcasing their products in detail and allowing their consumers to view them from up close.  

Outside of commerce, entertainment and event-based brands should be looking towards 3D imagery to promote their services. Museums and theme parks could give viewers a sneak peek into the attractions while creating a ‘wow’ factor for the endless scrolling of social media users.


3D imagery is a really powerful tool for brands to enhance their storytelling capabilities through social media. Marketers, especially social community managers, need to consistently be learning and adapting to keep up with the technological advances that these social giants allow their users to create.  

Adopting 3D photos requires a relatively low degree of technical expertise and it will undoubtedly increase engagement for your brand across social. Additionally, CPG brands can easily give their consumers more freedom to view and discover products, in a way that’s currently less intrusive than adding augmented effects.

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