When Realities Converge

Image: https://www.inverse.com/article/31034-augmented-reality-contact-lenses

Image: https://www.inverse.com/article/31034-augmented-reality-contact-lenses

The convergence of augmented reality, virtual reality and our increasingly sophisticated digital identities will soon give rise to what we like to refer to as a synthetic reality. Our current vernacular, talking about the differences between the digital and physical worlds, will soon dissipate as the two meld together to form an entirely enhanced reality. 


While this may sound like a negative trend to those who enjoyed how it ‘used to be’, merging with our realities will ultimately provide enhanced entertainment, gamification, navigation and even help to improve social connections. Our identity will grant us access and information to various services and entirely new asset classes will arise. A synthetic reality will help to provide value to our attention, gain control of personal data and track our digital footprints.


Marketers that don’t accept a synthetic reality as a realm of possibility are missing the current technological signs. Computer vision, augmented reality, IoT, and edge computing are all forbearers to a future world where our digital and physical realities merge. As we move towards that day, marketing to consumers will shift as well, moving outside of the consumer, and onto the machine.

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