Virtual Reality Utilizes the Physical Environment


It’s no secret that virtual reality has had a hard time living up to the immense hype surrounding the technology over the past few years. It was meant to bring us closer together, entertain and provide new experiences. For all its shortcomings, the ability to use VR to assist in hyper-reality experiences is accomplishing all three of those metrics, and will only expand to new use cases in 2019.


Hyper-reality environments use the real world, overlaid entirely with virtual elements, haptic feedback sensors and environmental elements like feeling heat to create an entirely immersive experience. The Void, a VR entertainment company, is leading the way when it comes to these types of experiences.


To promote the upcoming release of Ralph Breaks the Internet, the film embraced The Void to create a giant, co-op virtual adventure, placing users in the center of their universe. The experiences created a relationship with participants in ways other tactics simply could not. A few other popular experiences at The Void include Star Wars and Ghostbusters, both extensions of incredibly strong brands.


The ability to place users into a non-isolating, realistic and interactive environment allows brands to create incredibly strong connections with them. Providing these types of branded interactions extends entertainment use cases outside of consumption and into physical experience, which creates longer-lasting relationships.


The success of The Void means that 2019 will see strong competitors arise, and entirely new experiences come to the forefront. This type of combination between the physical and digital world will ultimately be one of VR’s major use cases and a reason for adoption.

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