OOH Advertising Embraces Technology


AI is quickly moving from outside of traditional computing devices, into more aspects of the real world. From storefronts to security cameras, computer vision algorithms are ingesting and learning from a myriad of different data sets. So, it’s no surprise that marketers are beginning to experiment with this technology in OOH advertising, and we don’t expect that trend to slow down anytime in 2019.


New Balance recently used New York Fashion week to uncover people on the street who looked unique or outside of the norm. By training a machine learning algorithm to understand common fashion trends in NY, they were able to easily use it to pick out people, in real time, who stood out from the crowd. Those individuals were offered a free pair of New Balance shoes, as they continued on with their day.


The company was quick to point out that these cameras didn’t involve any type of facial recognition and the data was anonymized and aggregated – although they were still able to use data collected to inform new products. How much did that campaign cost? About the same as one involving a traditional website.


OOH advertising is an area that’s ripe for disruption and the ability for marketers to capture real time data while providing an unmatched experience, is a trend that only looks to be picking up in 2019. Marketers must be cognizant of crossing the line between fun and creepy, and ensure that what they’re doing is an extension of other stimuli.


Personalization at scale is what makes this opportunity so intriguing. Reactive and even proactive content based on who’s looking at it or what situation they’re in will open up the doors to many different creative implementations. The ability to collect actionable data is an added benefit.

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