The Expansion of Digital + Physical Gamification


Getting people out of their homes is tough. Getting people out of their homes to interact with your brand is even tougher. Combining location with mixed reality and computer vision, marketers will increasingly have at their fingertips a set of tools to enable incredible experiences for their target market.


Prior to the start of the 2018 NHL season, the St. Louis Blues became one of the first professional sports teams to offer an AR-based scavenger hunt. Fans simply had to sign up on a mobile site (no app download required) and unlock clues to hidden objects across the St. Louis area. Once someone navigated near an object, they were able to access the Facebook camera to find & collect it through augmented reality.


The campaign energized and engaged fans in a way that no other digital tactic really could. Those that were able to complete the scavenger hunt were rewarded with paraphernalia, game tickets and other team related prizes. Look for more professional sports teams to follow suit in 2019, as they continue to integrate themselves further into their communities and foster relationships with their fans.


Combining the physical and digital world allows for the creation of entirely unique experiences. The opportunities to personalize and meticulously craft the journey is unmatched to the restrictions placed on altering the physical world. As a marketer, this opportunity can scale from a citywide scavenger hunt all the way to a two player AR game taking place in the living room.


The barrier to entry towards creating these types of experiences is lower than it’s ever been. The infrastructure has been built and 3D models are increasingly becoming easier to create. As you think about how this type of interaction can benefit your brand, keep in mind that it’s not so much about creating an experience, but rather laying the building blocks for your community to create their own experience.

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