The Convergence of Experience


“As technology seamlessly integrates into our lives we will continue to move towards a time when our technology adapts to us vs. us inputting into the technology.

2019 will accelerate the convergence of experiences. The shift from desktop and mobile to voice, vision and touch fueled by intelligent systems will be a key focus for the coming year.

We will see the role of voice-based assistants evolve towards predictive proxies, advancing hardware will unlock spatial computing (AR/VR/Mixed/Hyper Reality) and rapidly evolving iterations of artificial intelligence will transform the camera and how we interact with the world around us. 

We hope you enjoy our 2019 trend predictions. We filter the coming convergence through the framework of Empower, Exponential, and Enhanced.”

Tom Edwards


Chief Digital and Innovation Officer, Agency



Trends that allow consumers to own, create and democratize experiences and how the mobile device has empowered consumers. This section highlights everything from the expansion of AR, enhanced imagery, advancements in Esports, interactive content and the growth of live streaming.


Say Hello to AR on the Web

The mobile device is an incredibly important aspect of the consumer decision journey and…


Your News Feed Comes to Life

3D imagery is a really powerful tool for brands to enhance their storytelling capabilities through…


The Esports Celebrity has Arrived

Brands that are looking to capitalize on the success of Esports and reach a younger demographic need…


Create for Co-Creation: Put Viewers in the Driver’s Seat

Brands looking to reach a younger, more digital savvy audience should look to interactive…


Time to Cut the Cord on Traditional Advertising

Traditional TV is slowly dying and has been for some time. Newer digital offerings…


This section focuses on how AI & intelligent systems are accelerating the evolution of experience. From all facets of AI (machine learning, deep learning, natural language processing) to conversational experiences powered by virtual assistants and the rise of systems-based marketing.


Health Data & Biometrics Make for Healthy Marketing

Understanding your consumers’ health and wellness needs will allow you to provide them with utility in the form of a product…


AI Redefines the Retail Experience

Updates in technology are quickly paving the way for the next generation of retail experiences…


You See it. We Sell it.

As the friction between accessing visual search tools continues to decrease, we’ll see…


Get Ready to Rely on Your AI Assistant

We’ve talked a lot about how marketers need to be thinking about how they can start advertising…


The Benefits of Blockchain Are Becoming Easier to See

Entering into 2019, there are a few ways for consumer facing brands to use blockchain technology to…


These trends focus on how our world is shifting towards enhanced reality with the convergence of location, computer vision and mixed reality that will reshape how we interact with the physical world and each other as well as the rise of new virtual economies.


The Expansion of Digital + Physical Gamification

Combining the physical and digital world allows for the creation of entirely unique experiences…


Decreasing Cost Means Increasing Capabilities for the IoT

While integrating a smart device into a beer bottle may be an extreme use case (and very hard to scale…


OOH Advertising Embraces Technology

OOH advertising is an area that’s ripe for disruption and the ability for marketers to capture real time data…


Virtual Reality Utilizes the Physical Environment

The ability to place users into a non-isolating, realistic and interactive environment allows brands…


Contextual AR Enhances Consumer Experiences

Thanks to the advanced image tracking within Apple’s second rendition of ARKit, developers have more…


Through the lens of Empower, Exponential and Enhanced, we’ve provided you with an exhaustive framework of technological trends that will dominate 2019. But what about beyond? 5 years? 10 years? 50 years? What will the world look like then. While there are not many direct implications of the remaining four trends, it’s important for any good digital marketer to understand where our world is heading, so they’re ready when we get there.  

Here are four of our more futuristic thinking trends that will set the stage for 2019 and beyond.


The Brain Computer Interface

Yes, you did read that correctly. Brain Computer Interfaces are devices that…


From Driver to Deliverable: The Rise of Autonomous Travel

From the major tech giants to hotly funded start-ups, the road to autonomous travel is moving…


When Realities Converge

The convergence of augmented reality, virtual reality and our increasingly sophisticated…


Infinite Scenarios, One Result: Change

Quantum computing and the technology that underlies it has always felt like an idea that has…

The Epsilon Agency Innovation Team


Tom Edwards

Chief Digital and Innovation Officer


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VP, Group Director


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VP Agency, Innovation and User Experience


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